Blockchain as a Measure Against Cyberpiracy

Ethereum Privacy

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As it became known in recent times, Microsoft has announced that the company will use Ethereum’s blockchain to undertake anti-piracy campaigns. This is primarily geared towards the company’s Windows operating system and Office package.

This announcement from Microsoft is in line with the findings of research work from Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Alabama. The research presented the Argus design, which is an incentive system to ensure the success of anti-piracy campaigns. The design provides a comprehensive and secure way to guarantee the interests of all stakeholders. But beyond the technical part of it, what exactly is making companies integrate blockchain into their operations?

Unfortunately, the cases of stealing fund and intellectual property is quite a habitual thing nowadays. Even big names such as Google and Facebook sometimes find themselves at the center of scandal with data breaches, while common users lose their money and even right to security. That’s why the idea of using blockchain to strengthen companies’ services was just a matter of time.

This system inevitably continues to evolve, and at this point, we’re in the era of blockchains. More importantly, leveraging the blockchain system is an efficient way to achieve four major things that are important to both modern-day companies and their users:

Full Transparency: With the blockchain system, users get full transparency from companies. This is because no single person controls the system. Furthermore, data verification goes across the chain. The absence of a single central authority makes it easy to ensure fairness and transparency.

Incentives: The blockchain system incentivizes its users to trade different products on it. These incentives exist in the form of rewards and reduced transaction fees in some cases.

Confidentiality of Information: Blockchain offers users an avenue to engage in transactions without compromising their personal details. In most cases, users operate anonymous or pseudo-anonymous accounts, which means their identity is not totally revealed.

Optimizations: The blockchain system is optimized to offer users an unmatched experience while making transactions. There are numerous features and options to leverage in getting things done fast, timely, and securely.

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