Mine BZN Tokens in War Riders With Your Friends

war riders bzn mining

  • War Riders is a long-anticipated driving MMO blockchain game taking place in a “Mad-Max” environment with hijacks and on the go robberies.
  • The first mining test phase has begun and every vehicle owner can start mining BZN tokens.
  • Competition is live until December 8 with BZN in prizes and Christmas rewards for any active Clans.
  • BZN is tradeable in decentralized exchanges for major cryptocurrencies.

Enter now the Wasteland and mine as much BZN you can. Keep in mind that you must return it safely to your garage in order to keep it. To start mining, find a BZN station and hold the “F” key near it. Furthermore, players can buy and sell BZN at OpenSea and SpiderDEX.

Currently, there is a competition available that will give extra rewards to the top BZN earners. The competition ends at 4 pm ET on December 8, 2019.

  1. 10,000 BZN + TOP MINER badge
  2. 6,000 BZN + TOP MINER badge
  3. 3,000 BZN + TOP MINER badge
A Collection of War Riders Cars Presented Side by Side
Mine BZN Tokens in War Riders With Your Friends 29

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Clan Rewards

Clan members of 3 to 8 warriors with active fleet and logo will receive 10,000 BZN as a Christmas present from War Riders. If you want to join or form a clan, join the War Riders Discord and let one of the Wasteland Keepers know.

Never Heard of War Riders Before? Here Are Some Useful Informations.

War Riders is a post-apocalyptic MMO 3D blockchain game where you can blow up cars and mine BZN tokens. Find BZN stations to mine or steal BZN from other players on the go. Either way, you can trade BZN for other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum (ETH) and profit on the real world.

Furthermore, by using BZN players can buy and sell cars and weapons and expand their army by purchasing garage locations. You can use your garage to keep your cars and spawn in different locations or to offer protection to other players by renting it to them.