Cometh Joins The gDEX Metaverse Ecosystem

gDEX Cometh Partnership

gDEX welcomes Cometh, one of the first games to join the gDEX metaverse.

gDEX is a play-to-earn platform where games, guilds, and creators collaborate with each other. As gDEX announced its partnership with Cometh, the creators are hopeful that new stakeholders will invest in their metaverse.ย 

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gDEX x Cometh

Cometh will be one of the first games ever to be leveraging the brilliant feature of gDEX metaverse. The aim is to enable interoperability across all games and Cometh is committed to making it possible. 

To improve the overall gaming experience, Cometh will use more features of the metaverse such as Metahub and Passport


Cometh is a game studio where the users can yield, own, and generate different NFTs. Powered by blockchain technology, Cometh has DeFi and NFT features that enable a unique user experience for gamers and digital creators. 

The Game – Cometh Exploration

Cometh launched their first game called, Cometh Exploration in February 2021. The game is so popular that it has more than 10,000 active players, making it one of the most active games of 2021 on the Polygon network. 

gDEX and Interoperability 

In the gDEX metaverse, the players can own digital assets and trade them across different games in the metaverse. This proves that the games on this metaverse will be fully interoperable. 

The gDEX metaverse has whatโ€™s called PRISM NFT Standard that allows the players to own and store their NFTs. The gDEX Passport is also another feature on which the players can progress in the metaverse.  Each player will be given a decentralized unique ID thatโ€™ll be their Passport.