Cool Cats Venture into Mobile Gaming with 2 Animoca Brands Subsidiaries

Cool Cats Venture into Mobile Gaming with 2 Animoca Brands Subsidiaries

Cool Cats, a popular NFT (Non-Fungible Token) brand, revealed its plan to venture into the mobile gaming industry following a partnership with two subsidiaries of venture capital firm Animoca Brands. The new endeavor will see the release of three distinct games over the next year.

New Games on the Horizon

The specifics about the games, including their titles and trailers, remain undisclosed, yet more information will be divulged in July. The collaboration with Animoca Brands underlines Cool Cats’ commitment to innovative experiences, diversifying their brand beyond NFTs. Aiding in this mission, Cool Cats is already engaging its audience with a unique, gamified storytelling experience named “Journey,” which features a series of missions, puzzles, and riddles that unlock new game levels upon completion.

Changes in Cool Cats Ecosystem

Meanwhile, significant changes are anticipated within the Cool Cats ecosystem. The brand announced the discontinuation of Cooltopia, a platform specific to the brand, slated for July 27. Furthermore, the $MILK token, which functioned as a social currency within the ecosystem, is also set to be phased out. More details about the final burning event, signaling the end of the $MILK token, will be disclosed in the upcoming weeks.

The current market value of the Cool Cats NFT collection is 0.5979 ETH (equivalent to about $1,170). Meanwhile, Cool Pets, the brand’s secondary collection, is trading at a floor price of 0.0607 ETH.

A Year of Cool Cats

Since its inception in July 2021, Cool Cats has aimed to establish itself as a global IP focusing on entertainment. With a vision of expanding its base to a million more holders in the next five years, Cool Cats has outlined plans to launch storytelling NFTs, real-world and virtual merchandise, customizable collectibles, and experiential events to appeal to a broader audience.