Crypto Pirates Early Access 2.0 is LIVE!

Crypto Pirates Early Access 2.0 Is LIVE

This week, Crypto Pirates has launched Early Access 2.0, which runs from 5 September to 11 September. If you’re among those who own an of the dedicated NFTs, you will be able to participate in the Early Access. Those who are new can mint NFTs, still have their share of funds, and experience the game.

In the Beta, the player will go through a never-seen-before experience as they wander through the virtual world full of mythical beasts and other buccaneers. They can make some money, too, and win the game to have the ultimate pirate glory.

Earlier, they released the first Early Access, and now it’s in Stage 2 (hence Early Access 2.0). You can play the beta and introduce yourself to several new features the game is now offering. Players can discover rare artifacts and keep them in a specific Stash within each port.

Each port will default have a dedicated Stash with a single slot. Using an NFT, the Stash capacity may be increased. The higher the grade of an NFT, the more Stash slots the player can get. NFT grade and extra slots:

  • Common – 6
  • Rare – 8
  • Unique – 10
  • Epic – 15
  • Legendary – 20

If you don’t like buying NFTs for extra slots, you can buy these slots directly using PST. This way, each respective slot will increase in price.

The players can also buy artifacts in the dedicated port Shops. Each item grants a player’s avatar and ships unique buffs. For instance, the artifact Harbinger’s Clock restores 2% of the ship’s HP.

Ship Repair Mechanics Is Also Adjusted

According to the team, you can now repair your ship in a port for 500 $PST. Previously, you had to pay 1000 $PST. All game mods include a fixed cost of $50 PST if the player is unable to explore due to a lack of resources. (For all game modes, the cost is set to 50 $PST)

Each game mode has a different cost for repairing a ship in the middle of a battle:

  • Exploratory – 100 $PST
  • Adventurous – 125 $PST
  • Stealthy – 75 $PST

Play Crypto Pirates on Android Now

From September 7th, you can play Crypto Pirates on Android devices. You can download the game from the Crypto Pirates Official Website.