Dark Country & eGamers Card Hunt Event

Dark Country & egamers card hunt event

Today we are hosting a card hunt on Social Media with the CCG/TCG game Dark Country

The first 25 uses who successfully find and assemble the codes will win a Rare Skeleton Card!


There are six images posted on eGamers and Dark Country social media. We won’t tell in which social media tho. 🙂

Each image contains a hidden part of the promo code you need to assemble correctly. 

Once you have all code parts, head over to this page, type it in the gift code box and hit redeem twice!

If it returns an error, it means you have to change the order of the parts.

The event will take place until all codes are redeemed.

Find a list of egamers.io social media on our telegram group.

Good luck everyone.

About Dark Country:

Dark Country is an upcoming multichain American gothic Collectible Card Game (CCG) with support for WAX, EOS, Ethereum, and TRON. Create, own and manage in-game items cards that are yours to keep forever. Dark Country is expected to launch a closed Early Access soon and a public beta in Q2, 2020.

New users can get cards with a 50% discount following this link.