Earn Prizes In Gods Unchained Weekly Ranked Events

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Gods Unchained – a blockchain play-to-earn card trading game – allows players to earn prizes each week by participating in the Weekend Ranked event. The event runs every Friday 5am PDT/4am PST – Monday 5am PDT/4am PST.

If you are already playing Gods Unchained, you do not need to sign up to join this weekly event. You can enter the queue in Ranked Constructed and play matches

Prizes and Ranks

The prizes you can earn depend on the number of wins you have in the first 25 games of each Weekend Ranked event and your rank before the start of the event. You must also have a wallet linked with Gods Unchained to receive your prizes.

To be eligible for prizes in the Weekend Ranked event, your rank should match one of the Prize Tables (given below in this article) before the event kicks off. Each Prize Table has different prizes depending on the wins you earn. Wins are only counted if they are from matches played before the event ends i.e Monday: 5am PDT/4am PST.

There are a total of 12 ranks in the game:

  1. Rusted Bronze 
  2. Purified Bronze 
  3. Rusted Iron 
  4. Purified Iron 
  5. Impact Meteorite 
  6. Astral Meteorite 
  7. Twilight Shadow 
  8. Midnight Shadow 
  9. Auric Gold 
  10. Solar Gold 
  11. Ethereal Diamond 
  12. Mythic 

As you win more and more games, the bar on your ranked tab will get filled. Once you completely fill a bar, your rank progresses. Inversely, an emptied bar will result in a rank fall. 

General prizes (Diamond and below)

All the prizes in this table will be capped at 20 wins.

Mythic Prizes

You must have 16+ wins to get extra packs.

Elite Prizes

Elite prizes will be given to the top players in the game. Since players in the Mythic rank will play in a highly competitive environment against other top-performing players, the game has additional prizes for them. 

‘What a Mortal!’ Prize

Any player who manages to win at least 30 games during the Weekly Ranked event will earn a special bonus prize. The prize can include an expansion Rare Card Pack or other highly valuable packs.