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Exciting times for egamers!

We are pleased to announce that since yesterday, we are officially in partnership with TRON Arcade, a dedicated game fund with a stunning amount of $100M by TRON Foundation allocated to game studios and developers who are building the next-generation games on the TRON Blockchain.

Together with TRON Arcade, we are committed to working closely in the future and share our knowledge and expertise to reach the gaming community and properly inform them for the new era of games that is coming.

As a TRON Arcade community partner, we will be present to cover all the news gamers should know about, review TRON based games and support this unique project by TRON Foundation.

TRON Arcade will bring triple-A titles in the ecosystem and push further for mainstream adoption of the blockchain gaming.

In this exciting decentralization days, TRON Arcade and will be together in the frontline of the gaming revolution.

George Tsagkarakis
George Tsagkarakis
George has a native interest in emerging technologies and he's a strong advocate of decentralization. He is a co-founder and manager of
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