Ember Sword Launches Alpha Land Sale Offering Exclusive In-Game Assets

Ember Sword Launches Alpha Land Sale Offering Exclusive In-Game Assets

Leading free-to-play, open-world, fantasy game Ember Sword has revealed its plans to host a new land sale. The event, named the Alpha Land Sale, will allow players to purchase their own piece of the digital landscape within the Solarwood region of the game world. The announcement also states that participants can secure a range of discounts if their applications are approved.

Detailed Plan for the Alpha Land Sale

Ember Sword’s Alpha Land Sale presents plots of four distinct sizes – Regular, Settlement, Town, and City. Ownership comes with varying levels of privileges, including the ability to place buildings, the opportunity to earn special in-game titles, and a share in global game revenues. Notably, the settlement and larger plots offer the advantage of installing higher-tier buildings.

The game employs Immutable X (IMX) for their non-fungible tokens (NFTs); hence, all purchased plots will be recorded on this platform.

Phases of Sale and Pricing

The sale is structured in two waves, each catering to different participant groups. The initial wave, requiring an application, promises a substantial discount of 25% on the base price. The application window runs from July 10th to July 13th. Ember Sword has expressed its intention to favor community members who have shown dedication to the game’s development.

The pricing for these plots ranges widely. Regular plots have a base cost of $80, escalating to $800 for a settlement, $16,000 for a town, and soaring to $160,000 for a city plot.

Additional Opportunities for Land Owners

Following the initial sale phase, the second wave will offer the remaining land plots to all comers at a slightly lower discount of 15%. While the total number of plots available for this phase has yet to be disclosed, Ember Sword assures that every landowner will have a share in the in-game revenue.

The income is divided into two pools: a global one and a local one. Any in-game item’s sale results in a 7% commission, which is further split between the game studio and the landowners. Landowners with larger plots receive a larger proportion of the rewards, making land ownership a valuable asset for serious Ember Sword players.