Enjin Introduces Unreal Engine SDK

Gala Introduces Gala Film Nodes - A Revolutionary Watch-To-Earn Mechanism

For the first time ever, Unreal Engine developers can use Enjin’s NFT tech in their projects without having to become blockchain experts.

Previously, Enjin didn’t have an SDK for Unreal Engine integration. This hurdle would stop many developers from integrating Enjin apps with the UE platform. Many projects, such as Square Enix, are integrating with Unreal Engine because the platform offers many new features and improved performance for large-scale projects.

The official SDK allows Unreal Engine developers to integrate the Enjin API easily. Enjin is also working towards making a UE plugin that allows the addition of NFTs with just a few taps and clicks.

Lately, Steam, Itch, and Unity have put restrictions on integrating NFTs – they won’t allow the use of such technologies with their platform. This decision caused a huge backlash from Twitter. The community is furious that it is the players and developers who should decide whether they want these features or not; the platforms should not interfere. 

Where all these big fish are staying away from NFTs and blockchain technology, Unreal Engine is becoming home for games and projects that want to experiment with Web3. 

Now that Unreal SDK is finally out, the developers are saying that they will keep working on the project and make changes depending on how the community integrates the Enjin Platform into their future endeavors. 

The development process is not stopping as the Enjin Platform and Engine Cloud out-of-the-box are being utilized to their fullest. Additionally, there are cloud events taking place that are helping access all GraphQL queries through the platform APIs. 

The SDK allows you to do the following things (and much more):

  • Create a Client that interacts with the Enjin Platform. (it handles all the queries and mutations from the user to the game SDK)
  • Manages the players (it allows you to create player credentials so that they can connect their Web3 wallets to your game)
  • You can manage blockchain assets – you can create, mint, and send decentralized assets
  • You can set up several services. You can register multiple events on the cloud platform

If you’re interested in integrating the Unreal SDK into your project, Enjin has shared complete documentation on how to do so

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