Enter the Steampunk VoxEdit Contest to Win SAND Tokens

Enter the Steampunk VoxEdit Contest to Win SAND Tokens

Famous Metaverse platform, The Sandbox, has recently announced the “Steampunk VoxEdit Contest,” an exciting contest for creators and The Sandbox players. Players shall enter this competition to win SAND tokens, the digital currency of The Sandbox virtual world, by combining Victorian aesthetics with steampunk.

Fostering Creativity Through Digital Artistry

In this contest, participants must design visually captivating characters or objects inspired by steampunk themes. A new category for steampunk-inspired machinery, cogs, and gadgets has been introduced along with standard and beginner categories.

The prizes are appealing, with the top winners in the Regular category sharing 15,000 SAND, while the Beginner and Equipment categories will each split 5,000 SAND amongst their top entries. The first three positions in the Regular category also get an opportunity to mint their asset, enhancing the real-world value of their digital creations.

Submission and Evaluation Process

The submission window opens today June 5th and closes on June 18th. Contestants must tweet a GIF mentioning  @VoxEdit, and @TheSandboxGame on Twitter. They must make sure to include #VoxEditWeekly hashtags in their Tweets. After doing so, they must also complete a Google form for finalizing their submissions. The entries will be judged based on creativity, usability, optimization, detailing, and quality of animation. Results are expected between June 25th and July 1st. Read more details here.

Contest Guidelines

Potential participants should note that the contest enforces strict guidelines to maintain fair competition. Each submission must be original and family-friendly, made entirely by the contestant using The Sandbox’s free VoxEdit software. Submissions are also subject to technical limitations concerning asset size, nodes, and faces. Contestants can submit to multiple categories, but winning in one disqualifies them from others.