Epic War Riders Airdrop – Claim Your Garage Tokens

War Riders Giveaway

War Riders continue the development and welcomes new players with a great aidrop.

Everyone who owned at least one ERC 721 NFT by November 1, regardless of the game, is eligible to receive 80 Garage ownership tokens. This means that everyone who has at least one NFT in a wallet can receive the airdrop!

To claim the War Riders airdrop, follow the instruction below:

Garage ownership tokens serve as a safe place for Wasteland warriors to store their valuable BZN and avoid getting robbed by other players. These ownership tokens may help govern the virtual economy of these strategic locations in the future. The ownership tokens of Area 721 have a hard cap of 100,000 tokens.

Each month, users will continue getting the airdrop, half the number of tokens from the previous month. This also includes all existing players:

  • December 2020–80 tokens per player
  • January 2021–40 additional tokens per player
  • February 2021–20 additional tokens per player
  • March 2021–10 additional tokens per player

Don’t miss the War Riders Airdrop!

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