Exciting Challenges Await in Origins Season 6

Exciting Challenges Await in Origins Season 6

Axie Infinity Origins has officially launched Season 6, named Mystic Era, offering players an opportunity to compete for a massive prize pool of 13,215 AXS. Over the course of seven days, gamers will engage in intense battles, vying for the top spot on the leaderboard. Furthermore, those who reach the Challenger rank and possess collectible axies stand a chance to earn additional AXS, adding to the thrill of the competition.

A Fresh Contest Introduced – Trick or Treat

Origins has also unveiled the Trick or Treat Contest, a unique event where participants can win ranked battles, use stamina, and collect “Trick” or “Treat” Chests. The player who gathers the most chests will win the special event. This contest adds an extra layer of excitement to the Mystic Era, encouraging players to strategize and battle their way to success.

Reflecting on the Epic Era

The previous season, known as the Epic Era, lived up to its name with breathtaking performances and intense competition. MeatValue | SURA clinched the top position, showcasing exceptional skill and strategy. Teams specializing in Rage, Sandal, and Anemone archetypes dominated the arena, while players utilizing Swirl, Tassels, Perch, AoE, and Owls also made significant strides in the leaderboard. The diversity of strategies and archetypes in the Origins meta highlighted the vibrant and competitive nature of the gaming community.


Mystic Era: A Seven-Day Sprint

The Mystic Era is set to be a fast-paced and high-stakes competition, lasting for only seven days, a departure from the 14-day durations of previous seasons. Lunacians must bring their A-game, as there is minimal room for error in this condensed timeframe. The leaderboard will not only reflect the players’ prowess in battle but also offer a variety of rewards, ensuring that everyone has something to strive for.

Additionally, players with collectible axies who finish the era at Challenger rank have the chance to secure additional AXS, amplifying the rewards and stakes of the Mystic Era. Origins has revamped its Collectible Rewards System, ensuring that players are adequately compensated for their efforts and achievements during the competition.

Lastly, the Trick or Treat Contest promises to be a highlight of the Mystic Era, with players required to win ranked battles, expend stamina, and collect as many Trick or Treat Chests as possible. Treat Chests offer instant rewards, but it is the Trick Chests that could turn the tide of the contest, making it a fun and challenging event for all participants. With the Mystic Era’s brief duration, players will need to be strategic and proactive to ensure they are in the running for the final showdown.