Farsite : Play To Earn DeFi MMORTS Game

Farsite Space MMORTS game

In Brief:

  • Farsite is an upcoming MMORTS game, with DeFi elements and NFTs.
  • The game is under development for years by the team of the successful game, MCP.
  • Uses cNFT model, an NFT infused with ERC-20 tokens used as collateral.

This time we are taking a look at Farsite, an upcoming space-themed, MMORTS sandbox with decentralized finance elements and NFT collaterals. 

The players will control everything in the game, from the economy to the persistent universe of stars, planets, and corporations. 

Once released, it will be ETH 2.0 Ready with Polygon as the second layer and ZK Relay technology.

Farsite will be a browser-based game, and it comes from the team of MegaCryptopolis, a well-known virtual world on Ethereum blockchain that has paid out millions to the users.

From the available information so far, players can become pretty much everything they want and monetize each second of gameplay. 

From what I read on the official website, the game is in development for a couple of years now.

Early Adoption

There is an airdrop going on if you sign-up today with in-game items rewards for completing easy social tasks. 

With little effort and time, you will get guaranteed crates that will help you progress in the game faster. Also, we will receive a small compensation at no cost to you, and you will support our work. 

Sign up for Farsite using our link.

The pre-order will take place on March 31st with special Crates and credits inside them.

what is farsite blockchain game by mcp
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Farsite Gameplay

As a community-owned world, players can choose between different career paths.

Some play-to-earn jobs in Farsite could be:

  • Delivery: Safely transport goods between planets and stations.
  • Trade: Master the market and benefit from others’ needs.
  • Recruit: Recruit pilots and receive lifetime rewards for their actions.
  • Explore: Discover the universe and hunt for rare materials.
  • Govern: Get the control of a star, develop, tax, and prosper.
  • Mining:  Mine and refine resources by acquiring a sector on a planet.
  • Politics: Have a seat by getting the trust of corporations and other players.
  • Military: Escort transportation ships, form corporations, or hijack others.
  • Manufacturing: Build ships and components, craft rare blueprints, rent your facilities, and much more.
Farsite space craft from long distance.
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Own The Planets

A concept you might be familiar with, players can own planets in the form of NFT. It’s not just the planet that serves as a base for a colony but also the valuable resources. 

Planets are divided into sectors, and if there are resources underneath, excavation sites are just what is needed.

When Farsite launches, all planets will be unexplored, and as players travel through the vast universe, new worlds will be discovered and become available for acquisition, colonization, and resource mining.

Plantes come in three sizes, small, medium, and large. There are also several different types. 

Let’s have a closer look.

  • Toxic: Extreme atmosphere, these planets are not habitable.
  • Organic: Similar to the earth’s climate, the atmosphere may be defused.
  • Volcanic: Scorching planets in vulcanization stage or earlier.
  • Stone: Does not have an atmosphere, just resources and maybe water.
  • Ice: Frozen water and gasses only.
  • Gas — no surface at all.
  • New types to explore.

Keep in mind that planets are part of stars, including stations, gates, asteroids, and various anomalies. 

Farsite Sectors Image.
Farsite : Play To Earn DeFi MMORTS Game 34

Collaterlized NFTs (cNFT)

Farsite uses a form of tokenized collateral to use inside the game’s various financial activities.

Every cNFT is an ERC-721 non-fungible token with ERC-20 tokens infused. Think of it as Enjin’s ERC-1155, where you back NFTs with ENJ tokens.

Players can melt the NFT and acquire the infused ERC-20 tokens. 

Some cNFT use cases are in-game loans. The token will be used as collateral so organizations and individuals can apply for money, then we have storage of value.

Here’s a real gameplay example:

  • A cNFT spacecraft gets destroyed in-game.
  • The cNFT is burned.
  • The Player receives the collateral. (If it’s not used as a loan)
  • The Lender receives the collateral. (If used as a loan)

Farsite website states:

A player can continue using the token in a game, and use borrowed ERC-20 to create new cNFTs and stake them again:

That enables building an entire fleet of Ships to gain significantly better achievements in no time, leveraging production volumes and the total amount of items presented in a game.

Farsite spacecraft.
Farsite : Play To Earn DeFi MMORTS Game 35

The Farsite Roadmap

There are a lot of things planned for this quarter. The store opening, a ships hangar and modules, the on-going airdrop campaign, and the some smart contracts deployment.

In Q3, we will see the FAR token listing, internal marketplace, and an interactive star map.

Phase IV scheduled for Q4 will bring an early alpha demo and sectors acquisition. There is no estimation on the launch date.

Final Thoughts

Farsite is brought to you by the developers of MegaCryptopolis, a very popular and successful blockchain game. Farsite has the potentials to become a great game. 

There will be numerous opportunities and various strategies. Make sure to study the game first, find the ships suitable for what you would like to do. Not everything will fit. Farsite seems very deep.

The concept looks good, and the roadmap seems achievable. I will be keeping an eye out and let you know.

Sign-up for Farsite and grab your free items.