Gala Games and 22Cans Launch the Anticipated Business Legacy Game

Gala Games and 22Cans Launch the Anticipated Business Legacy Game

The day has finally arrived! 22Cans Studio and Gala Games have announced the launch of “Legacy,” a revolutionary business simulation and city management game. Available now on Mac and PC via Gala Games, Legacy offers players a vast open world filled with opportunities to create, manage, and expand their business empire alongside the town that supports it.

“Legacy” is a game that stands out with its emphasis on creativity and customization, allowing players to make every critical decision in their journey to become a management mogul. Starting from scratch, players can grow their enterprise into an empire, designing unique products from thousands of available parts and optimizing their business strategies to maximize profits. The game challenges players to manage every aspect of their business ecosystem, from product design and manufacturing to worker accommodation and town facilities.

Competitive and Challenging Environment

The game provides a competitive landscape, encouraging players to strive for excellence in product quality, worker satisfaction, and town uniqueness. Success in “Legacy” requires a strategic balance of commercial acumen, efficiency, and effective leadership. The game intricately weaves moral and logistical choices into its narrative, ensuring that decisions made regarding worker treatment and environmental impact directly influence outcomes.

Integration of Blockchain Technology

“Legacy” integrates cutting-edge blockchain technology, introducing features such as player ownership, play-to-earn, and NFTs. This integration enables players to earn real-world profits by trading in-game assets and businesses. When assets are traded, the associated skills and benefits are transferred to the purchasing player, adding an additional layer of strategy to the game. Land NFTs, critical for initiating blockchain business associations in the game, were made available for sale in December 2021, with players investing over $42 million.

Iain Wright, Design Director at 22Cans, expressed his excitement about the limitless creative possibilities in “Legacy.” He highlighted, “Everything in Legacy is in the players’ hands and creativity is the only limitation in the game. We designed the game using some of the best features found in simulation games and then brought the genre into a new dimension by adding blockchain technology, creating a real-world economics system to tie into the game’s business world.