Gala Games Announces Legacy Game Launch Date!

Gala Games Announces Legacy Game Launch Date!

Gala Games is all set to release its eagerly awaited web3 business simulation game, Legacy, on October 26th, 2023. The creative mind behind the game, Peter Molyneux, in collaboration with his studio, 22cans, promises to give gamers an immersive experience that combines innovation, competition, and ownership.

Seamless Gameplay with GalaChain

One of the most prominent features of Legacy is its seamless integration with GalaChain. This ensures a hassle-free gaming experience fortified by a dedicated gaming blockchain. Moreover, players can effortlessly bridge their in-game items to and from Ethereum, facilitating trades on popular secondary markets such as OpenSea.

Intense Competition Awaits

Legacy isn’t just about building and managing; it’s about thriving in a competitive environment. Players will get numerous opportunities to pit their business acumen against fellow gamers. Details on these enticing in-game competitions will be made available in a detailed article in the forthcoming weeks.

Land Ownership: A Game-Changer

A unique aspect of Legacy is the emphasis on land ownership. Players can take their business skills to the next level by managing and building on their personal lands. Owning land not only entitles gamers to daily in-game Gems but also lets them engage in Design Competitions without any additional charges. What’s more, based on their land’s rarity, owners will receive Legacy Deed Keys. These keys empower free-to-play users, termed as “partners,” to earn real in-game rewards.

For those still contemplating, the chance to become a Legacy London Landowner isn’t over yet. Prospective players can check out OpenSea’s secondary market for available lands.