Gala Games Fuzzle NFT Collection Sale to Take Place Tomorrow, 27th of April

Fuzzle by Gala Games

Fuzzle welcomes everyone to their weird world, especially those lucky enough to join the exclusive Close Encounters Club. 

Fuzzle will occur at the end of the world where only a few aliens survive. Those who joined the Close Encounters Club will be able to interact with these weird alien species.

Upon interacting with these AI-powered species, you’ll have an experience of a lifetime. 


Fuzzle is a multiverse where small intelligent creatures are left after destroying their planet. Specifically, there are a total of 9,997 Fuzzle left in the multiverse. 

However, the developers have been detecting intense interdimensional energy levels indicating a chance of other intelligent life forms in the multiverse.

Close Encounters Club: Perks

If you’re one of the lucky ones to enter the exclusive Close Encounters Club, you’ll get the following exciting perks:

  1. Gain access to an ever-expanding library of AI-powered content
  2. You can earn wearables and other stand-alone NFTs, then buy and sell.
  3. Have the right to vote in significant future projects
  4. Get exclusive access to monthly events
  5. Get exclusive access to airdrops, NFTs, surprises galore, and other rewards.

CEO’s Message on Fuzzle and Its Upcoming Features

We want to build a strong community, and the longer you remain in the Close Encounters Club, the more you’ll be rewarded. I mean, we better incentivize you to stick around. We’re going to need you if the Fuzzles attempt to take over the planet.”

– Michael Fox, CEO of Endless AI. 

Play-to-Earn Economy

According to Endless AI, the company is working on features that will enable the long-term club members to earn and get other perks using their Fuzzle. 

When you buy a Fuzzle, and it’s in your wallet, a homing beacon will be activated that will summon other creatures and comforts from their dimension. 

You get the opportunity to get more cool space stuff through the transdimensional vortex. The longer the beacon is activated, the more life forms and intergalactic goodies you will receive.

Although there are chances that some dangerous life form can come to your dimension and enslave your Fuzzle, there also lies an opportunity that you’ll keep getting cool space stuff.

This uncertainty makes this ecosystem stick to it and makes you want to explore more. 

Fuzzle: Roadmap

Currently, the development team is not sharing much information about future features. They want to keep it a surprise. Though, they have shared a roadmap in which they’ve mentioned their plan for the next quarter or two. 

According to Fuzzle, Close Encounters Club members will have the ability to vote on which direction the project should take. 

This is the image shared by Fuzzle about their Roadmap:

image 24 Fuzzle welcomes everyone to their weird world, especially those lucky enough to join the exclusive Close Encounters Club. 

Fuzzle: Release Date

Before we talk about the release date, keep in mind that there will be no whitelist for Fuzzles. All will be sold on the release date. 

Fuzzle is set to be released this Wednesday, April 27, 2022.

If you want to buy a Fuzzle, you have to go to Gala Games Store and register yourself there.

Fuzzle Price

Upon release, each Fuzzle Pod will be priced at 0.5 ETH. 

Do keep in mind that you will not receive Fuzzles. You will receive an ERC – 1155 Fuzzle Pod, which you will be able to exchange with Fuzzle (ERC – 721) later.