Gala Games Introduces a Stable Pricing Strategy to Combat Market Volatility

Gala Games Introduces a Stable Pricing Strategy to Combat Market Volatility

On Tuesday, August 1st, Gala Games, a popular gaming platform and studio, declared a significant change to its store pricing structure. The new system will employ the 3-day moving average price of accepted tokens, aiming to safeguard purchasers from unforeseen market volatility. The adjustment illustrates Gala Games’ ongoing pledge to ensure fairness, stability, and an exceptional user experience.

The Previous Pricing System and Its Limitations

The old pricing method for Gala Games Store depended on the real-time data of $GALA and ETH. Although this approach allowed prices to respond to market conditions, it also presented potential problems. Users were subject to swift and unpredictable price changes due to market manipulation or sudden market volatility.

A New Model for Stability and Consistency

In response to user feedback concerning these challenges, Gala Games is adopting a new pricing model based on the 3-day moving average. This strategy will notably lessen the effects of abrupt price changes, paving the way for more predictable and consistent pricing.

The 3-day moving average is a calculated average of the latest three days’ data. It is commonly used to soften short-term fluctuations and identify longer-term trends or cycles. As a result, the prices that users will see in the store will reflect the average value of $GALA, ETH, SILK, and other accepted tokens over the previous three days.

Moving Forward

This substantial shift, set to launch on August 1st, is intended to be a permanent change. However, Gala Games has noted that it is initially considered a test of the new pricing system.

The main objective of this alteration is to shield Gala Games’ users from sudden market volatility and possible manipulation. The company aspires to empower its users to shop with assurance, knowing they will encounter steady and fair pricing.