Gala Games Receives Investment From Binance Smart Chain

Gala Games Binance

Gala Games has teamed up with Binance Smart Chain, and has received funding from the  Binance Smart Chain’s $100 million Accelerator Fund. Eric Schiermeyer, the co-founder of Zynga Inc, founded Gala Games two years back. He aimed to establish a platform that would enable the players to purchase and own any in-game item of their choice, including the Non-fungible tokens. 

Such a system would help the company make sure that the items are bought or earned in an ecosystem that is decentralized in nature, and it further gives the players a say in the game’s development process. Besides the funding provided, Gala can make use of the Binance Smart Chain. It is a blockchain that was created in 2020 by Binance Holdings Ltd. BSC is operated by Binace, the most popular crypto exchange behemoth. 

It provides the players with a huge variety of choices which makes it easy for them to manage their assets. According to the statement of Gala, the enhanced degree of control provided to the players is critical for their goal of empowering the games. 

According to the information on the website, Gala has a whopping amount of almost two million users, and it says that its objective is to make blockchain technology invisible in its games. The company has two different types of games that are still in the development phase and two more from other gaming studios. The players own and operate the platform partially, and while playing, they can earn tokens, and further use them while deciding the future of every game.

That being said, Gala Games is looking forward to developing a decentralized ecosystem of games run by the players themselves. Moreover, Gala has stated in the past their intentions to use BSC for one of their games.