Gamerse to Integrate Chainlink’s Price Feeds

Gamerse Chainlink

Gamerse has announced that they will integrate Chainlink Price Feeds with the Binance Smart Chain and Polygon Mainnet.

They say that they’ll have exclusive access to real-time data that is expected to improve and build a responsive, user-friendly, and unified experience for their SAM (Social Aggregator Marketplace). All this will be possible with the integration of the decentralized oracle network. 

Gamerse will build a dedicated marketplace where all the gaming NFTs will be displayed, and sold all in one place. Gamerse’ Social Aggregator Marketplace plans to create a cross-hub and cross-chain marketplace where all of the above-mentioned transactions will be processed in one place. 

Gamerse is making a smart move by integrating with Chainlink Price feeds because most NFTs today require a lot of research before we invest in them. 

For example, when an NFT is listed on a marketplace with its price in a lot of different digital coins such as ETH, it becomes extremely difficult for investors to estimate the actual, exact price especially when there is a fluctuating market. 

The Chainlink Price Feeds helps build a cross-chain marketplace where NFT buyers can have all the needed information for making a calculated decision when investing in a digital asset. 

With Gamerse one-in-all NFT Marketplace, the users will be able to reliably convert the NFT price from any cryptocurrency into USD in real-time. 

The Social Aggregator Marketplace will initially allow the users to trade and transact in MATIC, BNC, and Ethereum (ETH).

The Chainlink Price Feeds is the most time-tested oracle solution and not only that, it has secured tens of billions of dollars of investment from leading projects in GameFi, Blockchain gaming, and De-Fi. 

Still, that’s not why Chainlink Price Feeds is hailed and appreciated in the market. Why is it then? Let’s talk about some of the key features. 

Decentralized: This network is decentralized from the core. Not only at the data source but also at its oracle network levels and oracle nodes are, as well. This can be used to predict downtime which is a crucial problem in this domain.

Transparent: Chainlink Price Feeds provides a number of tools for monitoring that can be used to acknowledge the past performance of oracle networks and node operators. Not only that, the real-time price can also be checked.  

High-Quality Data: This chain takes data from high-quality sources and reputed exchanges to for performing the analysis. The chain makes sure to maintain the quality of the data by eliminating irrelevant patterns and outliers. All this makes it possible for the Chainlink model to generate a more precise and accurate market price. This result is highly unlikely to be affected by API downtime, flash loans, and other data manipulation attacks. 

The message of Gamerse Founder

Gamerse founder stated that their mission is to create an NFT ecosystem where even someone who’s not into crypto will be able to use and navigate through. He said that the Chainlink Price Feeds will allow them to show prices of NFTs using native coins of different blockchain networks. “This decentralized, robust, highly-reliable, and secure Chainlink Network is perfect for the Gamerse ecosystem”, Gamerse Founder stated.