Genopets Release a New Version of Its Android & IOS Apps

Genopets Release a New Version of Android & IOS Apps

Genopets has released a new version of their iOS and Android app that comes with improved graphics and other added functionality. 

As they release the new app, they’ve also announced and previewed some of the upcoming features along with a roadmap.


Genopets is a free-to-play move-to-earn game (based on the Solana blockchain) where players make money as they move or take steps. The app then banks those steps and converts them into energy. Then comes Habitat, which converts energy into KI Tokens.

In the Genopets ecosystem, KI Tokens have many uses – you can trade them with other tokens and cryptocurrencies of your choice.

The game also features NFT as well as SFTs (for basic resources). The game feature two tokens, KI and GENE. KI is the main in-game currency, while GENE is the governance token.

What’s New In The App

As the team released a new version of the app, you will now see new and improved graphics and quality of life changes. Some Android users reported that their steps weren’t always counted, so that issue has been fixed as well.

The app cannot auto-update on its own. However, you can visit the appropriate store page where you see an option to update.

There are also new, and improved volume controls with new sounds. If you own a Habitat, you choose to show your Habitat in the Genopets background. From now on, you will see new animations when evolving pets and leveling up in the game.

Genopets Roadmap and Pets

The team has also shared some details about future Pet features. They reviewed some of the new items (pet related) that include food and toys. As soon the team incorporates this feature into Genopets, the players will then have to keep their pets happy and fed.

They can feed their pet via food items and keep them happy with toys.

When it comes to the roadmap, the team will release recipes and crafting items in the near future.