Genopets Reveal Details of KI Token Unlock Abilities

Genopets Reveal Details of KI Token Unlock Abilities

Just after they concluded the launch of the KI Token and Genesis Habitat Minting, Genopets unveiled the details of the KI Token and its abilities. Btw, The Genoverse will now have only the minted Genesis Habitats.

In the Genoverse, each habitat is a unique mesmerizing 3D landscape NFT that can enhance the Genopets as well as boost their abilities. As you own Habitats, you will be offered to refine the mined crystals as well as make a stable income in the form of KI Tokens.

In the Genoverse, the earning possibilities will increase as you own a Habitat. It will open a whole lot of opportunities in the move-to-earn department – you can convert your Energy into KI Token. The KI Token also opens countless doors – you can earn with KI Token in the following ways:

Crystal Refinement

The Habitats let you spawn Fire, Water, Metal, Wood, and Earth. You can spawn one of these unrefined crystals of Elemental Class and use your KI Tokens to refine these crystals in the Habitat Laboratory.

Thanks to this mechanism, you can convert these unrefined crystals into refined Genotype Crystal NFTs. Each unrefined crystal can be refined at the cost of 10 KI Token – refine and you get Genotype Crystal NFT. 

Habitat Upgrades

In the Genoverse, there are three levels of Habitats. Using the KI Tokens, you can increase the capacity of your Habitat by upgrading. The KI Token also lets you craft, refine, sell and use a larger amount of refined crystals. Here’s how many KI Tokens you need to upgrade your Habitat. 

Level 1 to Level 2 = 2400 KI Token

Level 2 to Level 3 = 3000 KI Token


To define Alchemy, it can be said as an advanced method that can craft recipes using refined Genotype crystals. The Alchemists allow you to refine the unrefined crystals and enable them to carry out crystal-based crafting. You can also transform new Habitats. 

Currently, there are more than 70 crystal-based recipes available in the KI Token and Refined Genopets Crystal pair. 

KI – Rapair and Restore

Using the KI Token, you can repair your Habitat by using your Refined Genotype Crystals. If it gets dormated, you can restore it directly with KI. as you repair and dormat your Habitat, it will generate more KI tokens for you. 

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