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Get Free Crates in Battle Racers Early Access

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The blockchain arcade racing game Battle Racers announced the first playable version of the game. Starting from November 25, players can join the online real-time races. In addition, users that will sign up prior to the Battle Racers’ early access will be eligible for a special giveaway. The giveaway features Five (5) Gold crates, Ten (10) Silver crates, Twenty (20) Bronze crates, and Fifty (50) Wood crates. Make sure to join before December 20, 2019.

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Batlle Racers have already accomplished two rounds of closed beta last May and June. As a result, the open playable version is highly anticipated by the game’s community. You should keep in mind that this is a standalone, web version and it’s separate from the Decentraland build. Once Decentraland is out of beta version, Battle Racers will also become playable in it. Even more, users might experience some bugs as the game is still under construction.

Season 1 Crate Sale in December

A new sale with crates that will include ERC20 exclusive car parts will be available from December 2 to 20, 2019. Even more, watch out for special events with exclusive items from partner games such as CryptoKitties and My Crypto Heroes. The game will be available before the season 1 sale, therefore, you can use your new car parts immediately.

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