Get up to 70% cashback from commissions and bonus IQN in the new IQeon & EXMO contest!

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All you need to win is to be registered on the platform among the first 500 participants!

IQeon PvP Platform, which allows users to monetize their winnings in-game battles, together with EXMO exchange, are launching a contest with cool prizes. The winners will share 900 IQN and receive up to 70% cashback from the transaction fees!

Register on gaming platform and EXMO exchange, then fill in your EXMO login on the competition card on Only verified users of the trading platform can get the reward.

The first 500 contestants who meet all the requirements will receive up to 50% at the Taker rate and 70% at the Maker rate from transaction commissions on EXMO exchange, and will also share the prize of 900 IQN*. Thus, 50 luckies will receive 5 IQN, each of the next 100 participants in the competition will become the owner of 3 IQN, and another 350 people will get 1 IQN. After the contest reaches 500 users, all the winners will be rewarded.

Do you want to win super prizes? Then hurry up to fulfill the conditions of the competition!

*IQN is a digital asset issued on the basis of Ethereum blockchain, which provides users with an additional opportunity to monetize their achievements by competing in games of any genre and direction. became the first gaming platform to support transactions with IQN digital asset.

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