Gods Unchained Announces New Game Modes

Gods Unchained Announces New Game Modes

Gods Unchained, the famous blockchain-based trading card game, has announced the addition of new game modes in its latest update, shattering the monotony of the single standard game that has prevailed since its beta release.

New Game Mode: Chaos Constructed

Stepping up its 2023 gameplay enhancement roadmap, the Gods Unchained team is finally launching an alternate game mode for its players. Although the team narrowly missed their Q2 target for the new feature’s introduction, players will now have the opportunity to experience a rotation of varied gaming experiences, which is set to make the game more exciting.

The first in the alternate modes lineup is a game mode named ‘Chaos Constructed.’ This game mode allows players to form their own game decks without any restrictions influenced by God’s choice. Players can blend Death Anubians with Light Olympians or select cards from all five domains. The team suggests this might result in highly potent combinations, leading to more thrilling gameplay. The plan is to implement around a dozen different game modes, rotating them frequently at the outset to gather user feedback and resolve any emergent issues.

Deck Builder Revamp and More

Moreover, Gods Unchained has undergone a deck builder overhaul. The improved version features advanced filtering, color-coded cards, and deck breakdowns. Despite a few persisting interface challenges, the new deck builder represents a promising development for the game.

For newbies, Gods Unchained is a free-to-play card game on the Ethereum blockchain using the Immutable X layer-2 solution for gas-free trading, has carved its niche with players owning their cards and being able to trade them on the markets. Players accumulate digital ‘Core‘ cards through gameplay, and by merging two identical Core cards, they can mint a blockchain-based card for trading.

Rewards and Expansion

Additionally, Gods Unchained provides several opportunities for players to win and earn. Active players receive cards, compete in weekend tournaments for card packs, and earn GODS tokens for daily play. The game boasts multiple expansions, offering a broad selection of cards to suit different play styles. Card packs are available for purchase from the official site, and secondary sales can be found on the Immutable X Marketplace and Token Trove.