Gods Unchained Gameplay Battle Royal & Giveaway

Gods Unchained Gameplay Battle Royal & Giveaway

The upcoming blockchain TCG game “Gods Unchained” released today more information about the game and a gameplay video.

Did you know? Gods Unchained sold over 1,5 Million cards as of today!

The coinbase backed game, which has attracted many players, aims to conquer the Blockchain gaming market by bringing eSports to the blockchain.

The recent news from Gods Unchained presents some newly added features before the big launch.

Gods Unchained will launch in Q1 of 2019, while the active community members will receive an email invite in the next two weeks for the beta.

Battle Royal: In addition to the typical battles with the 30 cards deck, Gods Unchained plans to implement a Battle Royal mode in which you can use half of the cards, and winners will receive some of the opponent’s cards until the tournament ends.

Gods Power: Once a battle begins, you will choose from a variety of powers that will help you better organize yourself and focus on the game.

Return from the dead: When you remove a card from the game, it goes to the void, this new feature offers the ambush possibility and might determine the outcome of the battle.

Gods Unchained TCG Blockchain Game Gameplay Trailer

The popular blockchain game is powered by Unity Engine and Fuel Bros, an Australian company best known for Etherbots game that is backed from a respected number of Venture companies, including Nirvana Capital and Continue Capital.