Heroes of Mavia: Upcoming Blockchain Strategy Game Announces Beta Launch

Heroes of Mavia: Upcoming Blockchain Strategy Game Announces Beta Launch

Vietnamese blockchain gaming studio Skrice has announced the planned launch of their highly-anticipated mobile strategy game, Heroes of Mavia. The beta version of the game will commence on June 30, with a phased rollout planned for the remainder of 2023.

Game Overview and Launch Details

Heroes of Mavia is an engaging multiplayer strategy game where players are tasked with constructing bases to vie for resources and in-game currency named Ruby. Every unique land in the game is a unique Land Non-Fungible Token (NFT).

The first phase of the launch will only be open to select Land NFT owners. This limited-access period is scheduled to last for approximately two months, with builds available on TestFlight and Android through direct download.

Keep in mind that for additional information, interested individuals can visit the official Heroes of Mavia website.

Beta Testing and Community Involvement

The second phase of the launch is set to begin after two months and will invite the broader Mavia community to participate, including players who do not own Land NFTs. This will serve as the primary beta test for the game, slated to end on October 31. Multiplayer mode will be activated during this phase, allowing players to assault rivals’ bases. Alliances, a critical feature of the game, is also expected to debut during this period.

To be part of each phase, players must have an invitation code. Player progress will be reset at the end of each phase in preparation for the global launch, but participants will have the opportunity to secure in-game rewards that they can retain until the full game is available.

The final phase of the launch process will kick off in November 2023, with Heroes of Mavia soft launching on Android and via the Apple App Store in select countries.