How to Breed Pet V2 in The New Era!

How To Breed Pet V2 In The New Era?

My DeFi Pet announces the Pet V2 – there are some slight changes and functionalities. Below, we will try to detail all the new changes so let’s get started. 

The Pet V1 – What You Need To Know

You won’t be able to buy more Pet V1 eggs or breed them. The smart contracts that enable buying and selling of the Pet V1 eggs will now be terminated. 

The Agoran Marketplace, however, will let you trade all Pet V1 – you can play with them with their normal functionality.

The Pet V2 Conversion

When you convert a pet to Pet V2, the pet’s stage will remain the same (as its V1 counterpart). Its genes will also remain the same. The thing that will change is its skin and stats. 

Currently, the Pet V2 egg is priced at 10 $DPET. For the first evolution of Pet V2, it’ll also cost 10 $DPET.

The Breeding Process – Pet V2

Each time you breed the pet, the price to breed the pet will increase (for each pet). Also, you need to keep in mind that is limited how many times you can breed – 7. 

If you want to determine the breeding price for the parents, well, it is determined by how many times the pet has been used for breeding. Let’s see the table that shows the exact numbers:

  • 1st Breed = 6 $DPET
  • 2nd Breed = 7 $DPET
  • 3rd Breed = 10 $DPET
  • 4th Breed = 13 $DPET
  • 5th Breed = 20 $DPET
  • 6th Breed = 32 $DPET
  • 7th Breed = 54 $DPET

Let’s see this example to see things clearly. If you breed a Parent 1 for the first time with a Pet Parent 2 (bred the 3rd time), the Breed Price will be 6 $DPET + 10 $DPET = 16 $DPET.

Note: Pet V2 are needed to be evolved before breeding. 

You can now create colorful and new Pet V2’s as their breed status quo has been reset. Along with this, the breeding time is also changed.

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