How to Increase Energy in STEPN App

How to Increase Energy in STEPN App
how to increase your energy in stepn

Today we explore How to Increase Energy in STEPN App by using these two tricks.

STEPN is a move-to-earn title that rewards you with $STEPN as you run, walk, and complete certain tasks. 

But there’s a catch! There is only a limited amount of STEPN you can earn as the rewards depend on your energy in the game. But how does Energy and STEPN work? 

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STEPN and Energy Information.

As we mentioned earlier, your STEPN rewards depend on energy. If you run out of energy, you will no longer be able to receive rewards. 

  • Energy levels start when you buy your first sneakers
  • 1 Sneaker can only have a maximum energy of 2
  • If you list your sneaker for sale, you will lose energy for that one
  • You spend energy 0.2 units per minute
  • Every six hours, the energy will recharge 25%. (That’s 25% recharge every six hours)
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How to Increase Energy in STEPN App 29

Is there a way to increase energy so you can get more rewards? Well, YES! We’ve come up with two ways you can increase your energy. 

How to Increase Energy in STEPN App – All The Methods.

  1. Buy Trainers

If you buy trainers, you can increase your energy hence, rewards. We’ve shared a table that shows how much energy you get with the trainers. 

Sneaker No.EnergyMove-to-Earn TimeNote (Rank)
1210 MinsNewbie
3420 MinsDaily User
9945 MinsSavvied User
151260 MinsPro User 
3020100 MinsAthlete
  1. Buy Rarer Sneakers

Another way to increase energy in STEPN is to own rarer sneakers. The table below shows how much increase you get in energy depending on the type of rarity the sneakers has. 

Sneaker Rarity TypeIncrease in Energy
Uncommon Sneaker1 Energy
Rare Sneaker2 Energy
Epic Sneaker3 Energy
Legendary Sneaker4 Energy

At the time of this writing, there are two ways to increase energy in STEPN. The developers may add other ways too if the demand persists.