Immutable X & GameStop Fund $100M For NFT Marketplace

Immutable & GameStop Fund 0M For NFT Marketplace

Finally, the game retailer’s plans have come to light with Immutable X powering GameStop’s Marketplace, exclusively for NFT Gaming.

GameStop will use Immutable’s X layer-2 scaling solution to power its upcoming NFT marketplace with $100M worth of token grants.

The two partners will also fund developers with this $100M in IMX token grants.

It came with no surprise as we knew GameStop planned to build its Marketplace in the Ethereum space, but it was not clear enough then.

Wanting to be at the best level, Gamestop chose Immutable because they work on top of the Ethereum blockchain exclusively designed for token-driven video games and NFT projects. Another reason is that they can handle many transactions on its blockchain in contrast to Ethereum’s mainnet because of the prohibitive gas fees.

“This is a huge leap forward for the gaming industry, and blockchain.” “It is further validation that NFTs and blockchain have tremendous utility and are reaching a much broader audience.”

Immutable co-founder and CEO Robbie Ferguson

Immutable X has already used its solution for their own Gods Unchained NFT trading card game, Guild of Guardians, War Riders and more upcoming games.

The Marketplace is set to launch somewhere in 2022.