India’s New Web Browser Might Feature Crypto Tokens

India's New Web Browser Might Feature Crypto Tokens

The Indian Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has revealed plans to incorporate crypto tokens for digital document signatures within its ambitious national web browser project, according to CoinTelegraph. Set to revolutionize online interactions for its citizens, this move underscores India’s stride into the digital age.

National Web Browser Development Challenge Unveiled

It all started on August 9, when the Ministry announced the Indian Web Browser Development Challenge. This initiative aims to stimulate developers nationwide, encouraging the creation of a homegrown web browser. A key feature would be the Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA) India root certificate integration.

The proposed browser prioritizes accessibility and user experience, ensuring support for users of varied abilities. An innovative feature is the embedded capability to use crypto tokens for digitally signing documents, streamlining online processes for users.

The challenge will proceed in three phases. Initially, a maximum of 18 participants will be allowed. Following the second round, only eight contenders will proceed. The ultimate winner of the competition will be awarded a substantial prize of 34 million Indian rupees, approximately $411,000.

India’s Stance on Tech and Cryptocurrency

India’s approach to technology and cryptocurrency has evolved considerably. At the G20 forum, India recently endorsed the Financial Stability Board’s suggestion for an international crypto framework. Emphasizing the importance of considering developing economies, India urged for tailored crypto guidelines.