Isekaiverse AMA Recap on eGamers Telegram

Isekaiverse AMA

Hello, community!

Last Saturday, we did an AMA with Isekaiverse on telegram, and here you can find the recap in case you missed it.

Isekaiverse will conduct its first presale on Gempad on August 26th. We have 15 whitelist spots secured for anyone who would like to participate. To get your whitelist spot, fill out this form.

A few words about IsekaiVerse.

IsekaiVerse is an anime-fueled project. There are plans to produce and release a show. Our characters will also be incorporated into NFTs that will be used throughout the Play-and-Earn ecosystem of games. Every piece of work is original.

🎮 Play-and-Earn Ecosystem
The play-and-earn ecosystem will start with a deck-based battle game, aiming to eventually have a 3D fighting game. The first game is expected to be released in October of this year. There is also a possibility of a fiat version of their game being available in iOS and Android stores.

🎬 Producing a full Anime TV Series
They have already recorded the full season one soundtrack with Mika Kobayshai, Lotus Juice, and Raj Ramayya. To voice their characters, they have already signed Karen Strassman to voice Princess Sukimi.

🎁 Loot boxes and NFTs
The loot box allows for full randomization of what people receive, this allows for the possibility of only a couple of a certain NFT to be in circulation.

🪙 $ISV Token
Users providing LP to the Defi protocols to letting the token be used in-game marketplaces.

🏬 NFT Marketplaces
Marketplaces help run the whole ecosystem through the tax setup that has been implemented. people interacting and buying or selling on the marketplaces help push the price of the token up but also allow the project to run on stable instead of tokens being sold for marketing or other necessary things.

Their first presale is on August 26th on GemPad. This sale is a whitelist only.
Min – 1 BNB
Max – 1 BNB
This first sale is a flat contribution

Price per token – $.015 per $ISV
You will be vested. 10% TGE and 10% every month after that

Soft Cap – 50 BNB
Hard Cap – 200 BNB

AMA Recap Begins

Tell us about you and your role in Isekaiverse.

Hello, I am Dingus Khan, the lead creative dev on Isekaiverse. I have a background in sales and independent movie production and am the executive producer and creator of the Isekai Island anime tv series.

  • How many people work for Isekaiverse?

We currently have 32 people on our team working for Isekaiverse. We have a Solidity dev team, game team, 2d animation team, 3D animation team, graphic artists, music producer, and community manager.

  • What is Isekaiverse?

We are the only project in this space creating our own television series and franchise from scratch with original music from big-name anime musicians, multiple play and earn games with our own NFT marketplace ecosystem that is truly a real Metaverse. Isekai Island is my own original Anime series, and we are now in production of the first episode. We plan to launch the show next year on a major streaming service!

  • What’s the lore of the Isekaiverse?

Yes, the lore of the game will mirror the show exactly, and you will need to choose which team you want to play: Good, Evil or neutral. Our lore is on our website to read.

What are your plans for Isekaiverse in terms of Anime? Are you building a franchise or just a rich story to support the game?

  • When do we expect the game launch?

The game launch is in alpha testing now and going to beta next month. We will have the game available and live shortly after our token is launched.

  • On which chains will the game launch?

We are launching on Polygon first with our NFT marketplaces and token. We are then going to add Ethereum and Binance, and we are also in discussions with two other chains.

  • Can you describe the gameplay? What kind of game should we expect?

Our first game is a true strategy game that requires you to collect your deck and then deploy it wisely to try and defeat the opponent’s Hero. Mighty Party, and Clash Royal are similar in style.

  • Are we going to see a series of games?

Correct, this is the first game which will be a fiat mobile version and a Crypto WebGL one as well. We have signed with a large company to do our Metaverse game for next year!

  • Can you tell us anything about the Tokenomics of the game? What are your steps to create a viable P2E Economy?

We are using a sustainable economy in our games to ensure we don’t encounter the issues some gaming projects have. NFT rewards, NFT shards, USDC rewards, and lastly, $ISV rewards. The game must have sensible tokenomics using the native token to help the chart, not destroy it. That’s why our NFT marketplaces do not use $ISV but USDC instead, which allows us to reward gamers with stable coins and also allows us to do true buybacks on the chart.

  • What sales are planned for the future?

We are doing a small private whitelist ICO whitelist sale on GemPad next Friday. This is a great chance to get in our project at the private round price, and are giving away some slots today to your channel as well as loot boxes!

Community Questions:

  • Are your nfts gonna work across the different games as the multiverse gods intended?

Correct our ERC 1155 NFTs will be used in our games. We will have collectible 721, which will help you level up to a higher VIP ranking called the Phoenix tier, giving you better project access and rewards.

  • Why Polygon first?

Polygon is the current best solution for us for a number of reasons: Fast, stable, super low fees, Open Sea indexes Polygon NFTs, Gaming, carbon neutral and environmentally friendly, and scalable.

  • How advanced are the discussions for the Anime TV series with platforms?

My co-producer has very close ties to Hulu, Netflix, and Crunchyroll. We need to make an awesome Anime which I think we are doing to ensure we can get on one of these great platforms.

  • How advanced are the discussions for the Anime TV series with platforms?

My co-producer has very close ties to Hulu, Netflix, and Crunchyroll. We need to make an awesome Anime which I think we are doing to ensure we can get on one of these great platforms.

  • What is the company doing for you? 

We are developing an immersive anime world based on my tv series. This will be similar in scope to the biggest Metaverse plays, and the company is a new competitor to Unity and Unreal engine.

  • What’s the anime pedigree to entice sales?

This is a great question as we have the best actors, and the music producer is one of the animes royalty: Raj Ramayya! He has produced all of our music for our tv series and in-game!

  • To enter, is it gonna be free2play or is an NFT gonna be required? If an nft is required, how much will the base entry will be

You will require an Nft to play for the WebGL version but not for the mobile versions.

  • Can we play this in mobile version? 

Yes, we will have a mobile version of our first game out close to launch!

  • What is the meaning of Isekai?

Isekai means otherword, fantasy, transported to another place. It is a sub-genre of Anime. CS Lewis books are the OG of this style with; The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, the seminal Isekai!

  • Almost 80% of investors have just focused on the price of token in short term instead of understanding the real value of the project  Can you tell us on motivations How do you plan to carry on this project, especially with the bear season? benefits for investors to hold in long term?

The market is certainly not what is once was this time last year. We are focusing our strategy on both crypto and fiat for the health of our project long term. Creating a viable tv series with its own revenue source outside of crypto plus gaming using fiat and crypto will help us survive the downtrend we are seeing. Short-term investors will never make profits like people that have patience. We will have a staking platform shortly after launch that will allow awesome rewards and allow you to LP liquidity stake to earn $ISV and loot boxes.

  • How easy or simplified is Isekai Verse game, and how can your play-to-earn mechanism be achieved with less monetary demand? What type of audience will your games suit more (crypto or non-crypto gamers? In what ways do being blockchain-oriented make Isekai Verse better than a traditional game?

Yes, it is important that the game is both fun and easy to play while being challenging enough to take time to master it with all of the combinations you can deploy. The mobile versions allow anime fans who don’t like crypto to play, and the WebGL version will allow smaller investors opportunities to make money without spending a lot of initial capital to play.