Israel’s Web3 Community Introduces “Crypto Aid Israel”

Israel's Web3 Community Introduces

Leaders from Israel’s prominent web3 sector have launched “Crypto Aid Israel,” an innovative digital fund to assist those suffering due to the ongoing conflict. The digital fund will employ cryptocurrency to deliver aid, with the prominent Israeli Web3 company, Fireblocks, handling asset management.

Context: The Severity of the Conflict

On October 7 alone, Israel was subjected to over 3,200 rocket attacks, leading to significant property damage and civilian loss. Hostilities have heightened due to aggressive breaches at the Gaza border by Hamas militants.

Medical records indicate the unfortunate loss of approximately 600 Israeli lives to the conflict, with another 2,000 sustaining injuries. Adding to the crisis, several Israeli citizens, spanning complete families, are being held captive in Gaza.

Crypto Aid Israel: A Beacon of Hope

In response to the escalating crisis, the creation of Crypto Aid Israel came to fruition. The organization has inaugurated a multisig wallet, accepting contributions in diverse cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, USDT, and USDC. Their mission is to extend assistance to everyone affected by the prevailing circumstances. To maintain credibility and openness, esteemed members of Israel’s cryptocurrency community are supervising the wallet’s operations and finances.

Initial Contributions Begin

Contributions to the noble cause have already commenced, with various cryptocurrency addresses witnessing inflows. As of the latest update:

Ethereum Address (0xeEE4FcA614308Ed9e7a84B78097E66054F20FC1e): $764
Ethereum Address (0x2827b5039E7036F4F8124C9cD13DCBeDA71775cB): $3
Bitcoin Addresses:
bc1qu0hzmp30x46vlrt8psh8ghzr47yrduhfkm43cp: 0.09415014 BTC
bc1qvkj0egln9cyzlpkusurju5m5ktcxfmxy5nusv0: 0.00524003 BTC