Kingdom Under Fire: The World's First Serverless Blockchain-Based Game on Steam

Kingdom Under Fire: The World’s First Serverless Blockchain-Based Game on Steam

Blood Technology, the creator of a true blockchain innovation called Locus Chain, announced yesterday (6/12) that Kingdom under fire: War of Heroes, a Web3-based real-time strategy game, was just released on Steam.

Locus Chain, the blockchain that supports Kingdom under fire or KUF, marks a huge milestone Blood Technology had put into supporting a serverless online game. The Locus Chain’s GameChain will be used in KUF and is a technology launched on Steam that supports the modern game built, replacing the online game server with Locus Chain’s blockchain network. Ultimately this move enables players worldwide to play the game anytime, anywhere, without a publisher or developer. 

In addition, multiple games will come and integrate the GameChain blockchain into their online modes, eventually reducing server cost issues.

The CEO of Blood Technology Sang-Yoon Lee, said, “Rolling out GameChain is a crucial achievement as we progress towards releasing the Locus Chain’s mainnet. I am proud that the new version of Kingdom Under Fire will become an online game that will make commercial use of the new technology,” he continued by saying that “GameChain will find countless applications for game developers looking to go beyond what other blockchain networks can offer today in terms of cost of transactions and scalability potential.”

KUF, or Kingdom under fire, is a game that was first released in the year 2000 and was the first game to include a hero system in a real-time strategy game. Additionally, the game’s first version was released in over 30 countries, selling over 500,000 copies.