Latest in-Game Stats From Blockchain Cuties

Blockchain Cuties in-game stats

For Cutieneer (Blockchain Cuties players), crafting is an important aspect of the game, and they know how having the right ingredients and recipes for crafting new items is one of the keys to becoming a successful player.

Blockchain Cuties recently shared their in-game crafting stats for this week on their official Medium. 

Here is an overview of some general stats:

  • Recycling operations performed: 1644 
  • Bottles of magic dust created during recycling: 12,701,713 
  • Items ground into dust: 32 837
  • Items enchanted: 475 

Top Items Enchanted

  1. Black Metal Bracelet
  2. Boxer Gloves
  3. Banner of Unchallenged Might
  4. Carrot Trident
  5. Thug’s Life Jacket
  6. Wood Elfs Hood
  7. Tron Branded MMA Gloves
  8. Arctic Staff
  9. Thug’s Golden Watch
  10. Sultanate Turban

Top Items Recycled

  1. Glasses
  2. Ruby Necklace
  3. Green Torn Shirt
  4. Fedora Hat
  5. Silver Bracelet
  6. Chain Necklace
  7. Blue Torn Shirt
  8. G’ Hat
  9. Yin & Yang Necklace
  10. Red Cape

Best Enchantments

The top enchantment level players were able to reach last week is +4, and a total of 28 items were upgraded to this level.

Average Cutieneer

An average Blockchain Cuties player recycled 155 items and enchanted 6.6 items during the last week.

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