LIGHT⚡NITE Single Player Coming in March

Light Nite single player coming in March

Light Nite Single-player is coming in March 2020 for all the early adopters, the release date was originally for today, 29th but Satoshi Games decided to postpone the launch for about two weeks. Everyone will have the opportunity to play on a later date as Single Player access comes in waves. Light Nite promises battle royal gameplay with low-poly cartoonish graphics and bitcoin microtransactions through the Lighting Network.

If you would like to play Light Nite, you have to get early access through the store. The price is $20, or $16 by using our link, which also grants you an in-game Skin and 500 SATS. ?


About Light Nite

LIGHT NITE is a battle royale game with Bitcoin’s lightning network integration in a good-looking, low-poly & cartoonish design. Players earn bitcoin and tradable items every time they kill an opponent or lose when get killed. We don’t often see games on Bitcoin, Light Nite seems to be one of the first to utilize the Lighting Network which brought significant improvements on Bitcoin and made it suitable for Microtransactions.

Find Out More About Light Nite.

Our friend CryptoStache published a new video today about Light Nite

The Shop

Additionally, before the single-player release, the game created a shop where pre-alpha users can buy in-game items. Each item belongs to a rarity class that determines its total supply (Legendary, Rare, Premium, Normal).

In the shop you can find the following:

  • Character skins – players
  • Wearables – cosmetic wearable items
  • Hoverboards – tools to glide from the sky when the battle starts
  • Guns – In-game items such as swords, pistols, laser guns, etc.