LUXON Joins the Chainlink BUILD Program to Boost Blockchain Gaming Adoption

LUXON Joins the Chainlink BUILD Program to Boost Blockchain Gaming Adoption

LUXON, a company Web3 gaming platform backed by major companies such as Line Games, announced yesterday, Feb. 16, that it officially joined the Chainlink BUILD program.

Chainlink BUILD x LUXON Partnership Deal

By joining the Chainlink BUILD program, LUXON now has access to industry-leading Web3 services provided by the leading decentralized blockchain service platform. Additionally, Chainlink will provide LUXON with technical expertise and community support from the Chainlink ecosystem, ultimately helping them build more enhanced gaming solutions to accelerate the platform’s growth.

As part of the program, they will also receive access to new Chainlink product alpha, and beta released dedicated technical support for the ecosystem, and many more.

In return, LUXON has committed a percentage of their total token supply to be used as an economic incentive for Chainlink service providers, including stakers. As a result, this partnership will eventually help boost adoption across Web3 while benefiting both companies equally!


The critical minds of members initiated the LUXON project with former development, business, and management background questioning the limits of the current crypto / Web 3 games, along with the issues that exist in Web2-based game business/management models. LUXON aims to create a game development environment so developers can move away from developing elements outside of games. Instead, they can focus on implementing community/economic dynamics that participants of the platform ecosystem have created into the game.