Mars4 Partners with DWF Labs to Accelerate AI-Powered Metaverse Gaming

Mars4 Partners with DWF Labs to Accelerate AI-Powered Metaverse Gaming

Web3 metaverse project just scored a major partnership with DWF Labs. This means big bucks for Mars4 and some cool new features on the way!

With DWF Labs’ support, Mars4 can now speed up the development of its metaverse ecosystem. Here’s what’s coming soon:

  1. A multiplayer mode for Mars4’s 3D survival game, making it more fun for players all over the globe.
  2. A super accurate 3D model of Mars’ surface in the game, made with the help of AI and NASA data – a first-of-its-kind achievement!
  3. Easy-peasy resource trading in the game and through Mars Control Center, thanks to AI and machine learning.
  4. More chances for users to earn with the release of second-gen Colonist NFTs.

DWF Labs, a big name in the digital asset world, is putting a lot of faith in Mars4. Their investment will help Mars4 grow and hit all its goals.

Richard Berno,’s CEO said: “We are thrilled to have DWF Labs as a partner in our mission to create an innovative gaming platform allowing humanity to explore Mars virtually with adventures, fun and excitement. Their expertise and financial support will be instrumental in realizing our vision and taking MARS4 to the next level.”

Mars4’s main attraction is its 3D multiplayer survival game, built on Unreal Engine 5.1. Plus, there’s the Mars Control Center, an in-game asset management system powered by AI and machine learning. Mars4 also mixes play-to-earn with blockchain tech and unique assets like accurate Mars land plots, making it a real game-changer for gamers and investors. With DWF Labs’ know-how in digital assets, Mars4’s potential is about to skyrocket!

And it’s worth noting that DWF Labs has recently backed other top-notch Web3 projects like Synthetix, EOS, Yield Guild Games, and TON. So, it’s clear Mars4 is joining the big leagues in the GameFi and Metaverse spaces. Exciting times are ahead!