Meet Amy,’s New AI User Assistant

Meet Amy,'s New AI User Assistant has just launched its very own AI user assistant, named “Amy.” Built on ChatGPT, Amy is here to help users stay informed about the crypto industry, like real-time token prices, cool projects, and important events from the past.

Right now, Amy is just in the pilot phase, but plans to expand the AI assistant based on what they learn from this early test run. Abhi Bisarya, the person in charge of products at, says the company is super optimistic about using AI in the world of crypto. isn’t the only one hopping on the AI bandwagon. Other exchanges and companies in the space are getting in on the action too. OKX exchange recently whipped up an AI algorithm for capturing crypto market ups and downs, while Solana Labs rolled out a ChatGPT-based plugin to help users manage their blockchain stuff.

Binance has also introduced an AI chatbot as part of its Web3 academy, focusing on teaching users about the wild world of crypto. And Bitget, a crypto exchange, and digital asset trading platform, is investing a cool $10 million to help develop the ecosystem.

So, as you can see, AI is making waves in the crypto industry, and it’s fascinating to see how it’s changing the game. Keep an eye out for further thrilling developments in this constantly evolving field!