Meltelbrot 58: Interview With Nestables

This Meltelbrot chats with the creator and pioneer behind another Enjin powered game – Nestables. This game is for the virtual pet enthusiasts building upon what Tamagotchi originally started in the late 1990’s but with a new NFT twist, where each unique cute Cube (Digital NFT Pet) is truly owned and has different needs in order to stay happy and healthy.

Currently in pre-alpha Nestables allows gamers to collect, trade and breed 3D ‘Cubes’, each of which has their own unique personality and physical traits. To make your Cubes stand out even more, you can customize them with various wearables like costumes and accessories.

A lot of art NFT’s are pretty to look at, but these NFT in my opinion have smarter interactions providing much greater value for any NFT Art Collector. Let’s get the opinion of the creator though and fly the nest!

Hi Tomo, for those that don’t know, how is Nestables bringing something new to the next gen of blockchain egaming?

Ah good question. Nestables is an Enjin powered virtual pet game, where players will care and raise a Nestable. Players will task their Nestables with different activities to grow and expand their Nest, build creations, farm different crops and explore different biomes.

Creating your own game atm, you must have played a bit, how did you get into gaming?

Friends of course! There were a variety of different games that we all played together. One of the bigger ones was Minecraft. Many people might not know that before Enjin Coin, Enjin started off as a gaming website platform. I’ve used that for over 9 years now. When they moved into Enjin Coin it piqued my interest about cryptocurrencies. The Enjin ICO was the first coin I purchased after Ethereum.

Why did you settle with Enjin as your nft gaming platform?

Certainly, my previous experience with Enjin helped my decision to use them as a gaming platform. As a team though, what they excel at is development platforms and systems that allow anyone – especially those with no prior crypto knowledge to access and use them. I think this is really important for crypto gaming otherwise it will forever be consigned to a small part of the overall gaming market. Essentially, they have prior experience in building products for mass adoption that previously had barriers for entries.

One of the great things about gaming NFTs in the Enjin Ecosystem is its cross functionality within other indie games. Can you tell us more about that?

This is something that we are really looking forward to showcasing to our players in the final release.
We have a number of items from other games / Enjin projects that can also be used in Nestables.
These included projects like Lost Relics – where we use the the Evanbrook Egg’s for backpacks and also items from Enjin Craft.

Do you think play to earn is helping the overall gaming ecosystem?

It is certainly a big driver for getting people to play but I think there are good and bad ways to have a play to earn game. I think historically, games where other people could make money have always been successful. Minecraft is just one example where the massive community behind it can make money in many different ways off the game, like if you are an approved creator on their Bedrock Marketplace. You have other games like CSGO where skin trading is a big deal.

What’s your take on non gaming collectibles like Crypto Punks and its many hybrids?

There are a lot of crypto collectible games – I’ve certainly not stayed on top of following all of them.
Nestables has been in development for quite a while and even with the original crypto collectible games, it was quite clear that there was never really any sort of major gameplay attached to them. Some have started developing this now which is great.

Being in the space for years now, what’s the pitfalls and what’s the loot?

First movers in any area have bigger risks and bigger rewards. I think Nestables in some way is lucky that some of the other amazing games on the Enjin platform are significantly ahead in their development / release which allows everyone to learn from what they have been doing.

Everyone is excited about NFT atm, what’s your best use of it?

There are certainly a lot more NFTs to come! The intention was really to make it so that each Nestable is unique. I think NFTs are the best format to do this.

Which NFT is your favourite?

This one just here: It is the first Nestable to ever be minted!

Which NFT is the Nestables fans favourite you think?

Many of our early community members who supported us during a pre-sale purchased a Founder’s Nestable. There are only 800 of these NFT’s which are all unique. You could randomize the look and traits of your Nestable and many people spent hours going through different options to get one they liked!

What’s coming up?

Beta! We have been publishing monthly development updates since the successful pre-alpha. I think as a team we are looking forward to bringing everything together for a beta so that the community gets a much better idea of what Nestables is about and the potential the game has in the future.

I’m sure every owner of a cute cube is eagerly awaiting to play with them, until then – any last thoughts?

I hope that people see Nestables as the start of a new genre of blockchain based games where the focus isn’t on the “blockchain” aspect of it. The technical side should really be hidden in the background, with easy onboarding of players who might have no previous crypto / blockchain knowledge.

Creating an easy way for us to play with and have fun with this new world of NFT is right on I feel, so worth the time to make it work seamlessly. Should others want to find out more about Nestables and what’s to come please follow their socials or their monthly developer updates 🙂

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