Mercedes-Benz Teams Up with Fingerprints DAO for Exclusive NFT Art Collection

Mercedes-Benz Teams Up with Fingerprints DAO for Exclusive NFT Art Collection

Mercedes-Benz, the esteemed German car manufacturer, recently announced a collaboration with digital art entity Fingerprints DAO to launch an innovative digital art collection known as “Maschine“. Berlin-based artist Harm van den Dorpel, known for merging software and language in his creations, was responsible for developing this unique collection.

With a strong focus on genetics and blockchain, the “Maschine” collection includes a series of 1,000 Ethereum-based non-fungible tokens (NFTs) birthed from the same algorithmic model. Rather than employing artificial intelligence, van den Dorpel applied a custom neural network to create this collection, experimenting with the 3D format in an intriguing new way.

Interested parties can look forward to the collection being minted via a Dutch auction, scheduled to commence on June 7 at 12 PM ET on Fingerprints DAO’s platform. Adding to the significance of this venture, the release is sponsored by Mercedes-Benz NXT, the company’s fresh Web3 branch concentrating on digital objects. On May 24, the web3 arm announced its plans to roll out three core collections.

The first, “Maschine”, is set to be accessible to the broader public. The second installment, however, will be limited to a select group of top Mercedes-Benz customers, with 1,886 tokens to be minted at exclusive customer events.

The final collection in this triad will feature digital collectibles crafted by Mercedes-Benz’s own design team, headed by Chief Design Officer Gorden Wagener. These pieces will delve into the intricate interconnections between Mercedes-Benz’s historic legacy, its current status, and its future aspirations.