Meta Adds Cross-Posting Between Facebook and Instagram

NFTs On Instagtram Soon

Meta is pushing interoperability in the metaverse as the tech giant adds cross-platform NFTs support across Instagram and Facebook for a limited audience in the US.

The motivation behind this is to make it easier for users to share NFTs on its social media platforms. To do so, the users will need a one-time wallet for all the digital assets they want to share. They can connect this wallet on either Facebook or Instagram.

As soon as the user’s wallet is connected, the app will automatically recognize if cross-posting is enabled or not.

NFTs are getting popular day by day across different social media platforms. Recently, Twitter dropped this feature where you can show off your NFT profile pictures and have a blue tick to verify that you’re the rightful owner of that digital asset. The NFT profile picture can be recognized by a blue tick and hexagon-shaped badges.

Meta is taking this approach to move into the Web3 space by dropping more and more support for NFTs into their social media platforms. Back in March, Mark Zuckerburg himself confirmed that Meta is taking the step to move from Web2 to Web3 as the billion-dollar tech company would bring NFTs support.

Currently, Meta supports Polygon, Ethereum, and Flow NFTs on Instagram and Facebook. Earlier this August, Instagram announced the integration of Flow-based NFTs. If you’re among those who have been given a chance to showcase your NFTs on Instagram and Facebook, you can connect any of the wallets mentioned below:

  • Rainbow
  • Trust Wallet
  • MetaMask
  • Dapper
  • Coinbase Wallet

Instagram has always been about creators and giving them credit for their art. The system is designed in a way that not only the current owner but the original creator will also receive attribution whenever an NFT is showcased in the feed.

As important as it is to credit the creators, Meta believes that the cross-posting feature will bring interoperability in the metaverse, and it is much needed. 

As of yet, we do not know when Meta will roll out NFTs for all users worldwide. We know that the company has been making this feature available to a select audience since the start of August.

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