Minecraft Server The Hunters of Rio Rebranded to MyMetaverse


The blockchain-enabled Minecraft Server, The Hunters of Rio, Rebranded to MyMetaverse with a new website and server address. Existing players will not experience any changes as the team will not remove any features. The Hunters of Rio will remain as a story within MyMetaverse, and even more, new additions are coming soon.

Hunters of Rio Rebranded to MyMetaverse. What The Feature Holds For The Minecraft Server?

In the process of becoming a prominent Minecraft server, MyMetaverse is already creating new blockchain assets and integrating more existing Multiverse items.

One of the most significant plans is to tokenize the server’s real estate. That way, you can craft items and monetize your gameplay by selling them on the open market as blockchain assets.

Even more, the team plans to provide to the players all the necessary tools to create minigames, events, and experiences that will help you to monetize from creations while doing at the same time what you love, Gaming! 

MyMetaverse provides countless possibilities for Minecraft players that can still play their favorite game but in a whole different dimension! For instance, you can build a peer-to-peer blockchain store and sell Enjin backed items in the game.

Check out a very informative video by Enjin all about How to Earn Bitcoin By Playing Video Games.

In other news, the team recently announced the achievement of a huge milestone by integrating NFTs to WordPress and Minecraft. The WordPress Plugin allows users to buy assets and receive them straight to their Enjin wallet. Even more, any third party can integrate this plugin into a WordPress website.

The old website and the old server address will remain up for some time, but you can already start using the new server address.

Visit Now The New Website Address:  http://mymetaverse.io

Connect With MyMetaverse on Twitter: https://twitter.com/MyMetaverse