MetaSoccer Introduces Youth Scout Staking With Big Rewards

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MetaSoccer, a fantasy football management game is launching the Youth Scouts staking tomorrow, February 9.

Staking is the first part of the game while PvP and PvE are expected to launch soon.

The First Interaction

In the first weeks of Februaryusers who own Youth Scouts will be able to send (stake) them to a Conference Tour (CT) in MetaSoccer and be paid in both $MSU and $MSC.

Staking Details

Everyone who owns a Youth Scout can participate via MetaSoccer’s website. 

The event will last for 30 days, and each Youth Scout can attend only 1 Conference Tour event active during Q1-Q2. Also, users will not be able to sell their scouts while participating in the event but can recall them before the end of the staking, losing all progress made.

Rewards will be collected at the end of the Conference Tour. If the user did not redeem the ticket when the CT is live, they would not be able to stake him.

Reward Details

The reward of the staking will depend on the Youth Scout overall knowledge as follow:

  • Knowledge 40–49: 30 MSU and 3000 MSC
  • Knowledge 50–59: 125 MSU and 3000 MSC
  • Knowledge 60–69: 500 MSU and 3000 MSC
  • Knowledge 70–79: 1875 MSU and 3000 MSC

The scouting price in the game will be the following:

  • Knowledge 40–49: 30 MSU and 2000 MSC
  • Knowledge 50–59: 125 MSU and 2000 MSC
  • Knowledge 60–69: 500 MSU and 2000 MSC
  • Knowledge 70–79: 1875 MSU and 2000 MSC
  • Knowledge 80–89: 6250 MSU and 2000 MSC
  • Knowledge 90–99: 15625 MSU and 2000 MSC

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