MetaSoccer PvP Matches Are Live!

The time when players compete against each other and not the AI has come!
MetaSoccer PvP Matches Are Live!

In a recent announcement, MetaSoccer, a P2E football manager game, has brought the Beta version of PvP matches to its ecosystem.

The time has finally come. Players can now compete against each other in initial PvP matches, testing their lineups and proving they are the best managers alive! Teams can now be searched, showing their overall.

In detail, players won’t be able to see the other team’s strategy, like mentality or passing style. In future iterations, however, they’ll be able to check the opposing team’s stats and detailed lineup, and with that information, they can figure out which tactics they are choosing.

Additionally, players will have access to the end-of-match stats, checking the overall performance of their teams. 

Lastly, PvP matches won’t give any rewards at the moment, and won’t affect players’ conditions. Test strategies, have fun, and prove you are the best manager around!

Back in June, MetaSoccer announced Dani Carvajal, a star defender at Real Madrid, was joining MetaSoccer. Ronaldinho is also part of the game, having its own NFT!

About MetaSoccer

MetaSoccer is a play-to-earn soccer game where players (we) can own footballers as NFTs and play with them in the game. As the footballers are ownable digital assets, you have the option to trade or sell them in the ecosystem.