4,5M $PYR Tokens Hack, Gala Games Introduce 3 New Games & More News BGD:162

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Hacker Steals 4,5M $PYR Tokens โ€“ VF Reimbursed All Stolen Funds

Hackers managed toย steal 4,5 million $PYR tokensย worth over 144 Million at the time of the incident. They managed to exploit the servers of the Vulcan Forged ecosystem and got access to the private keys of 96 wallets. The Vulcan Forged team reacted fast by returning all the stolen funds from their own treasury to the owners. Also, the Vulcan Forged team plans a token fork, an airdrop of Land parcels and a buyback campaign.

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Top 5 Mobile Publisher Azur Games To Host Axes Metaverse First Game Asset Offering

Axes Metaverse hosted the first NFT presale for investors and partners, while tomorrow, the public sale will take place offering 3,000 Chests.

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Gala Games Introduce 3 New Games And Announces $100 Million Investment Fund

Gala Games announced the addition of three new games to its ecosystem. Last Expedition is a first-person shooter game featuring battles against alien worlds. The Walking Dead Empires is a multiplayer survival game, and Legacy is a business game where you can develop your own business. Gala Games already hosted a land sale that sold out the same day.

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In addition, Gala Games announced this week a 100 million fund for Blockchain Games.

Enjin Multiverse NFTs Coming To Twitch Via PlayNFT

Twitch creators and streamers can offer NFT rewards to their viewers through a plugin created by PLayNFT.io. These NFTs come in the form of ERC-1155 tokens and can be traded in the Enjin’s marketplace.

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Intergalactic Gaming now integrates the Chainlink VRF service to ensure random NFT distribution to its ecosystem.

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Blockchain Cuties Universe Expands To HECO Blockchain

Blockchain Cuties adds HECO blockchain as the sixth blockchain available in the game.HECO blockchain offers cheap and fast transactions.

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TOTHEMOON Universe Launches Its Marketplace & New Moon NFTs

TOTHEMOON Universe marketplace will be available after each New Moon character collection is fully minted, and players will be able to buy, sell, and trade in-game assets.

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