Gala Games Introduce 3 New Games From The IntoTheGalaverse Conference.

Gala games, through the IntoTheGalaverse Conference that took place yesterday and the day before in Las Vegas, announced three brand new blockchain games.

The conference was truly unique and brought excitement to veterans attending and fellow newbies new to the blockchain world. 

The Gala Game’s team made big announcements, announcing land sales and three new games: Last Expedition, The Walking Dead Empires, and Legacy.

Last Expedition: The world’s first AAA first-person shooter game created by Certain Affinity powered led by Halo 2 veteran Max Hoberman. Players will battle against an alien worlds that wants to annihilate them.  Last Expedition will be a unique triple-A shooter game with intense focus on skills. Players can build, grow and must survive in any way. Visit Last Expedition on Gala Games.

The Walking Dead Empires: The Walking Dead Empires is a multiplayer survival game based on The Walking Dead franchise. Craft weapons, build bases, and collaborate with others to survive in this horrific world. Visit the official website.

Legacy: Legacy is a business game where you can develop your own business by creating and selling innovative products. The game is available on PC/MAC and developed by 22cans.

The first Legacy land sale took place yesterday on the Gala Games Store and everything is sold out! Visit the official website.

The Gala Games ecosystem is growing really fast, with more and more games joining the ecosystem. So far, the only playable game is Town Star where players with a respectable amount of NFTs are earning a lot of Town Coins on daily basis.

Signup for your free Gala Games account and start your play to earn journey.

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