Mines of Dalarnia Launch on BSC Coming in April 

maxresdefault 3 Mines of Dalarnia will launch on Binance BNB Chain on April 26, 2022. 

Mines of Dalarnia will launch on Binance BNB Chain on April 26, 2022. 

Keith McCullough, COO of Workinman Interactive, made this announcement at the Miami NFT Week. 

Until April 4, Mines of Dalarnia will close its third and last Land Sale (before the main net launch), where they intend to list 2620 plots. 

The third Land Sale is followed by the game’s previous two successful Land Sales. 

In early March, they received many positive reviews of the game on Testnet. 

Mines of Dalarnia

Mines of Dalarnia is a free-to-play action-adventure game leveraging Binance BNB smart chain. The players can improve their mining skills by combining several in-game items. The players can unlock the Mines of Dalarnia universe’s secrets upon improving their mining gear. 

The game features mines and enemies that the player must defeat to progress. The players mine the caves to find rare relics and artifacts. 

Worlds of Mines of Dalarnia

  • Darkness
  • Ice
  • Lava
  • Terra

You can collect in-game items and own them as all the items are registered on the BNB blockchain. 

Since Mines of Dalarnia is a play-to-earn title, you can collect some extremely rare minerals that can be used to upgrade your character, mining equipment, or even win rewards. 

Additionally, you can earn some exclusive rewards if you’re among the landowners in this game. On top of that, all the in-game items can be traded in the NFT market. 


According to the Roadmap on their website, they plan to add Player Tournaments in Q2 of 2022 where they will make some additions to the gameplay and add a planetary storyline. In-game chat and other social features will also be added in the second quarter of 2022. 

As of Q3, they plan to add non-fungible tokens-based derivatives on in-game assets. Moreover, more side quests will be added with token rewards.