MotoGP Ignition Hot Shots Sale Starts on October 27

MotoGP Ignition Hot Shots Sale Starts on October 27

MotoGP Ignition is an NFT-based racing game, and they’ve announced that the upcoming Hot Shots Sale will grant every Hot Shot an $SHRD reward.

Additionally, interested buyers will be granted a chance to buy the MotoGP Ignition Hot Shots featured in the MotoGP Grand Prix of Qatar 2021 and Grande Premio de Portugal in 2021. Every Hot Shot will be playable right away.

You do not want to miss this sale, as the game platform has stated that this is the only opportunity to buy these Hot Shots directly.

The sale date has been updated and pushed by two days – the sale will now start on 27th October. The change has been made to accommodate randomized print numbers based on community feedback.

Where to Buy Hot Shots in The Hot Shots Sale?

The Hot Shots sale featuring three thirty-minute sale slots will take place on the official MotoGP site. Each slot will open every eight hours – the sale will start on the 27th of October now, and the first slot will open at 1:00 PM UTC.

During the sale period, interested customers may purchase up to sixty Draws, each of which contains three Hot Shots. If you use a credit card, each draw will cost you $15, while using a token would cost you $800 REVV.

$SHRD Reward With Each Hot Shot Purchase

Each sale slot contains unique Hot Shots, with each Hot Shot granting the buyer a certain amount of $SHRD. The amount of $SHRD the buyer receives will depend on the rarity of the Hot Shot. Here’s the list of rewards with the rarity:

  • Common Hot Shot – 20 SHRD
  • Rare Hot Shot – 15 – SHRD
  • Epic Hot Shot – 10 SHRD
  • Legendary Hot Shot – 1 SHRD

SHRD has many utilities. One of them is that you can create DYNO tokens with SHRD. DYNO Tokens are a crucial part of the MotoGP Ignition Manager growth system and utility in more gaming modes.