My Crypto Heroes Crowd Sale on November 30

My Crypto Heroes Crowd Sale will be live from 11/30th 6:00 to 12/10th 5:59 UTC. As a reminder, the game successfully raised over 600ETH in the pre-sale

The Crowd Sale will be an inventory linked Dutch auction (same as the previous pre-sale) where items get more expensive by each sale, or the price drops if there are no purchases.

The heroes available in the public sale are limited edition, and you can get them with 50% money back in GUM for any amount of ETH spent.

GUM is the in-game cryptocurrency of My Crypto Heroes used to purchase new champions.

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Let’s take a closer look at the champions of MCH Crowd Sale, as presented in the official Crowd Sale announcement.

Legendary Heroes

Legendary Hero is a champion of MCH world with overwhelming status. You would need them to defeat other legendary heroes!

Legendary Heroes Line-up

amount; five Heroes ✖️ 20 
Initial Price; 4 ETH

Epic Heroes

Although Epic heroes don’t have status as strong as Legendary’s, they still have high potential! Epic Heroes would have more usability in the game than Legendary Heroes since they are much fewer. Also, you would organize a team with Epic Heroes, often depending on their unique skill!

Epic Heroes Line-up

amount; five Heroes ✖️ 100
Initial price; 0.2 ETH

Rare Heroes

They will play a good role at “Quest“. 

When you explore “Node” to get extensions, you would be with Rare Heroes most of the time.

Rare Heroes Line-up

amount; five Heroes ✖️250 
Initial price; 0.05 ETH

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